Title: Data Management Core

Team members:

Malcolm Tobias
Lawrence Tarbox
Stephen Moore
Tracy Nolan
Fred Prior


We are developing and translating to practice a novel multidimensional treatment paradigm based on nanoparticle delivery systems that will have a major positive impact on the clinical management of multiple myeloma. To achieve this long term goal will require thorough characterization of the particles, rigorous control of protocols and careful analysis of experimental results to establish safety and efficacy.

The primary mission of Core 2: Data Management is to capture, curate, manage, distribute and facilitate the analysis of all data generated by the CMMN research teams. Core 2 will also provide a suite of collaboration tools for the team and be the primary conduit for data sharing. Our approach builds on decades of experience with large-scale clinical trials and multi-site, multi-disciplinary cancer research teams and our existing base of big data management systems including the Cancer Imaging Archive.

We propose to:

  1. Support all CMMN project teams by managing essential protocol and sample characterization information using a local instance of caNanoLab,
  2. Capture pre-clinical images generated by all projects in TCIA with DOI links to caNanoLab, and
  3. Integrate all activities of the CMMN team and make information publicly accessible.

The long-term goal of our team is to develop and deploy software and services to drive advanced quantitative image analysis, facilitate the development of novel, nanotechnology based cancer therapies and provide a gateway for researchers to interrogate multi-modality datasets and mine them to create and validate novel hypotheses in cancer research.