NCI Cancer Close-up Project (Images acquired by Assistant Prof Yongjian Liu)

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Images acquired by Assistant Professor Yongjian Liu have been chosen for this year’s NCI Cancer Close-up project.  They illustrate PET/CT imaging showing the tumor accumulation of DAPTA peptide functionalized, 64Cu doped gold nanocluster (64Cu-AuNCs-DAPTA) imaging CCR5 receptor in a triple negative breast cancer patient derived xenograph mouse model. The PET image was acquired at 24 h post intravenous injection.

2017 CMMN Pedal the Cause Team

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Dr. Achilefu would like to announce the formation of a 2017 CMMN Pedal the Cause team in support of the Cancer Frontier Fund. This research fund was established in 2009 by Alvin J. Siteman, an emeritus Washington University trustee, chairman of Site Oil Company and president of Flash Oil Company. Since the fund’s inception, 134 awards for a total of $21.7 million have been granted to Washington University faculty focused on cancer research.

100% of Pedal the Cause proceeds stay in St. Louis and go directly to the Cancer Frontier Fund, which supports cancer research at Washington University (WU) and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Awards granted to WU faculty are managed by Siteman Cancer Center (SCC), a major contributor to CMMN. Participation by CMMN members shows our appreciation to SCC and demonstrates our commitment to both CMMN research and the community effort that raises local cancer research funds.

Team members may participate as riders, spinners or “virtual” riders (simply contribute to the cause). As a participant at the minimum levels, per the Request for Applications, qualifying faculty members may apply for cancer research funding (through the Siteman Investment Program) in one or both of two cycles in the year you participate. Faculty, students, staff and families are more than welcome to join the team.

Registration opens in March of 2017. More details to come. Information on the 2016 event can be found here:

Please reply and indicate your interest in participating as a rider or virtual rider, as we build our team and ready ourselves for a productive year in 2017!